Well I did it!

Here is my 4th and final blog post for my “One Image a Day in March Challenge!”

Some days I didn’t make anything worth sharing and some days I had a hard time narrowing it down, I even skipped a day or two.. But all in all it was a great reminder that I need to keep documenting my family regularly. It brings me so much joy!

I love looking at my family and my life one step removed – through the lens. It helps me to appreciate everyone and all the small moments we share. Sometimes I go through cycles where I spend too much of my life behind the camera (and computer) and I need to come back to living, but usually it helps me to be more present.

While doing this, I’ve also noticed a desire to get more creative with my business portraiture as well – which has been fun.

It was definitely a great experience and stretching those muscles was very needed. Thanks for tuning in! My family and I have a surprise brewing so keep an eye out!Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-1Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-2Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-3Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-4Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-5Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-8Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-7Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-9Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-10Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-6Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-11Rory Photography_Blog_Week 4-12




Week Two – March Documentary Jumpstart

A photograph a day in March has been a success so far!  Here is week two!Rory Photography_Blog Week 2-1bRory Photography_Blog Week 2-2bRory Photography_Blog Week 2-3bRory Photography_Blog Week 2-4bRory Photography_Blog Week 2-5bRory Photography_Blog Week 2-6bRory Photography_Blog Week 2-7bRory Photography_Blog Week 2-8bRory Photography_Blog Week 2-9b

Week One – March Documentary Jumpstart

To jumpstart my personal work back up, I’ve set a goal to make at least one photograph per day in March. Here is week one.

1_Rory Photography_Blog Head Options-32_Rory Photography_Ladybug In Bluebonnets-14_Rory Photography_Babysitting Kriskeys-95_Rory Photography_Babysitting Kriskeys-56_Rory Photography_Babysitting Gage-73_Rory Photography_Babysitting Kriskeys-67_Rory Photography_Babysitting Kriskeys-118_Rory Photography_Gage + Sadie on Dolly-39_Rory Photography_Tornado Light-310_Rory Photography_Tornado Light-711_Rory Photography_Tornado Light-912_Rory Photography_Babysitting Gage-1

Self Portrait – 2.5 Years

Two Years and One Month on T – Self Portrait

Change can be very stressful, but movement breeds growth. Keep planting seeds and look up often to see the progress you’ve made.

Rory Photography_25 Months on T-1

Granger, Texas 2015

Outtake from an architectural shoot in the country.

Rory Photography_Niblocks Landscape_M

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