One Year and Three Months on T – Self Portrait

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Loren’s Birthday Portrait in Guerneville, CA

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1-Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-82732-Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-Vert-1 3-Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-8274 4-Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-8288 5-Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-Vert-2 6-Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-8290 7-Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-Vert-3 8-Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-8321

Loren’s Russian River Portrait Preview

This cutie..

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Rory Photography_Loren's Bday-8273

Louisa’s Portrait Preview

A preview from our portrait session in Golden Gate Park. 

Rory Photography_Lou's Portrait Preview-1

Summer Trip To Georgetown and Matagorda, Texas

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1-Summer In Austin Preview-5986

2-Summer In Austin Preview-5693

3-Summer In Austin Preview-5905

4-Summer In Austin Preview-6155

5_Summer In Austin Preview-6025

6-Summer In Austin Preview-6035

7-Summer In Austin Preview-5964

8-Summer In Austin Preview-6066

One Year on T – Self Portrait

Due to a family emergency I couldn’t post this on time, but I did photograph it two days before my one year on Testosterone anniversary.

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Rory Photography_T Portrait Outtakes-45

Rory Photography_T Portrait Outtakes-42


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