Louisa’s Portrait Preview

A preview from our portrait session in Golden Gate Park. 

Rory Photography_Lou's Portrait Preview-1

Summer Trip To Georgetown and Matagorda, Texas

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1-Summer In Austin Preview-5986

2-Summer In Austin Preview-5693

3-Summer In Austin Preview-5905

4-Summer In Austin Preview-6155

5_Summer In Austin Preview-6025

6-Summer In Austin Preview-6035

7-Summer In Austin Preview-5964

8-Summer In Austin Preview-6066

One Year on T – Self Portrait

Due to a family emergency I couldn’t post this on time, but I did photograph it two days before my one year on Testosterone anniversary.

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Rory Photography_T Portrait Outtakes-45

Rory Photography_T Portrait Outtakes-42

Eleven Months on T – Self Portrait

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Rory Photography_11 Month on T

Country Playground

The girls playing on an old fence.
Texas, 2014

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Rory Photography_Country Playground-1

Hello Sparrow

My sister and niece playing “Sparrow.” Sparrow is a game they made up where Sadie (niece) sits in the closet and Mary knocks on the door calling, “Hello Sparrow!” Sadie opens the closet door and they talk. That’s it. They do this for a pretty long time, and Sadie loves it. It’s pretty cute to watch, as Sadie is smooshed into the closet and will grab whatever she can and they’ll talk about that. In the photo she’s found some crayons which I believe Mary is using for a telescope.

[Click image to enlarge]

Rory Photography_Sparrow-1


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